Tuesday, 29 April 2008

UK worst for recycling... but it's not your fault!

The UK has the worst recycling rates in the EU.And is it any wonder? This picture was taken yesterday outside Hove Town Hall, and shows recyclable cardboard chucked into the skip with all the days other rubbish from the ongoing building works. If the council here in one of Britain's Greenest cities can't be bothered to get it right, what hope have we got of shaking off the title of 'the dirty man of Europe'?

The simple truth is that if we don't want incinerators and landfill sites all over the Sussex countryside (and usually in the backyard of the least well-off) we'll have to throw away less - and the only way we'll do that is both to consume less in the first place (especially wasteful and pointless excess packaging) and recycle more.

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