Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Government proposes biggest invasion of British privacy... ever!

I could hardly believe this at first, but it is The Times business section after all...

Apparently the Government is proposing the biggest invasion of British privacy ever: a single database of every phone call and email made, website visited and time spent online for everyone in the country - and all in the name of stamping out terrorism. Read the full story here.

Just imagine the amount of spam email and sales phone calls that will clog the system up before it even starts offering the government any genuine snooping opportunities.

This must be either a hoax - or a plan to create loads of work for IT and database companies in South East England (and therefore employment...). It surely can't have anything to do with terrorism, though?

If the Government is serious about reducing the risk of further terrorist attacks in the UK, perhaps it should start by ending its support for Israeli human rights atrocities, pull British troops out of Iraq and Afghanistan - and instead spend some political capital stamping out starvation, political oppression and the rise of Christian and Muslim fundamentalism instead?

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