Thursday, 1 May 2008

Great new information service for dads launched today

I bet you thought I'd be blogging about the local and London elections today, eh? Well I am, sort of. This morning I rose nice and early to head up to South London and help out the Lewisham Greens who are running a full election day operation, seeking to maximise the vote for mayoral candidate Sian Berry, local London Assembly candidate Cllr Sue Luxton - and the Green Assembly list, in the hope of returning Darren Johnson to the Greater London Assembly. I was met off the train by a woman handing out leaflets and campaigning for the Socialist Alliance candidate. She had the bad luck to pick me with her lie - 'the Greens in Brighton voted for privatisation, the councillors there wanted to see the council housing stock transferred to the private sector'! As someone who campaigned hard - alongside other Greens - to defend council housing when tenants were balloted on stock transfer here in Brighton last year, I was able to hold forth for some minutes, until she promised not to repeat the nonsense to any other potential voters! I bet she hadn't counted on meeting a Brighton Green councillor...

Anyway, there's nothing much else to say except let's wait and see. Results are due tomorrow (or even Saturday - counting six million odd votes is a Herculean task, whether it's in Zimbabwe or London).

Meanwhile, completely overshadowed from the mainstream media agenda is the launch today of a fantastic web-based resource for dads. 'Dad's Info'. Why does it matter? Well, as I've said before, being a good parent is my number one priority. It's what all the politics is about really, and it's services like this that make it a little easier. There's loads of excellent links, stories and features - I found some of the stories about separation quite heart-tearing. It's great though, as a single dad, to know I'm not alone... So, all you Dads out there, check it out!

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