Thursday, 7 August 2008

Crocodile tears over Poohaven

The news that East Sussex County Council's planning committee has given the go-ahead for Southern water's 'Poohaven' sewage treatment works on the South Downs at Peacehaven is a disaster not just for local people, who will have to endure the smell and congestion associated with the plant, but for the principle of local solutions for local problems. The reality is that it will handle waste from much of Brighton and Hove and the surrounding area, and it would have been better for everyone if Southern Water had proposed several smaller solutions, planned according to the principle that no community should have to endure the waste of another.

But it's no big surprise - and it's not entirely Southern Water's fault either. The firm was effectively 'given the nod' by both the Labour Government and Tory-run East Sussex. For the the Labour and Tory general election candidates to shed crocodile tears about this decision on the pages of The Argus is yet more evidence that neither party is capable of the joined-up thinking that enables them to both make decisions and represent local communities.

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