Tuesday, 30 September 2008

A great week for Brighton

It's certainly been a great week for sport and culture in Brighton: The Albion beating the richest club in the country, Man City, Fatboy Slim entertaining thousands on Madeira Drive and news that the world's biggest extreme sports festival could be coming to Kemp Town beach next year.

I hope everyone involved makes use of the year of negotiations we've got ahead of us to ensure residents, businesses and all visitors get to share some of the benefits: requiring the organisers to stump up some cold hard cash to fund environmental improvements on Madeira Drive, as Green councillors have proposed, would be a great start.

As for Fatboy Slim: I went to the show and thought it was fantastic. I hope he comes back to Madeira Drive with a Big Beach Boutique Five, but that when he does so the food and drink available are a little more affordable, the sound engineers strike a better balance between the wishes of concertgoers and residents - and that a levy to compensate locals for the loss of access to the beach is built into the ticket price right from the start.

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  1. good that you note the loss of access to the beach should be compensated for and thus that the hire charge for the road should include a proportion for that loss --
    note also the way that the council prevent near-by lessees from objecting to the granting if the licence, even though they pay business rates - "taxation without representation is tyranny" --