Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Burglary on the rise in Brighton as economy slows

Figures presented to Brighton and Hove's Community Safety Forum (of which I am a member) show that burglary in the city has gone up by almost a third in the last year alone.

This summer (April - August 2008) there were 551 recorded house burglaries compared with 426 in the same period last year - a rise of 29.3 per cent.

Violent crimes are coming down, but burglaries and thefts from and of vehicles are rising fast: more people turn to so-called 'acquisitive crime' when times get tough.

And boy are they getting tough: child poverty, fuel poverty and unemployment are all on the rise. It's almost impossible to open The Argus these days without reading of another slew of redundancies and job losses.

We need to increase the share of the police budget that's spent on neighbourhood policing: people I speak to in Kemp Town like their regular neighbourhood police patrols - they just don't see them as often as they would like!

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