Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Do as I do, not as I say...

So the latest Tory sleaze story is that environment cabinet member Geoffrey Theobald has been caught parking his Jag in a disabled parking bay. The Argus tells the story, with pictures, here.


It's not so much that, as a public servant, he thinks it appropriate to
drive a gas-guzzling car most of his constituents could never afford, or
that he is happy to ride roughshod over the very parking rules he wants
the rest of us to uphold, or even that he deprived a disabled driver of
a suitable space. No, it's his bizarre justification: no apology, just
an admission that he uses council staff, whose wages are paid by the
taxpayer, as his private parking attendants.

If this episode didn't fit the pattern of the Tories' 'do as i say, not
as I do' approach to public life, the mind would truly boggle.

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