Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Bill Hicks probably said it best

So there's new leader of the so-called 'free world'. Barack Obama has won a landslide in yesterday's US Presidential election. He has galvanised the American people (well a few more than half of them, anyway) around his message of change - and though I'm a little more pessimistic about the difference he is really likely to make than some - I wish him well.

But at this momentus time (I just saw Jesse Jackson crying on telly, and heard someone likening his acceptance speech to the moment man first walked on the moon) I am reminded of the words of the great late Bill Hicks, who warned that every time a new US president is elected he is ushered into a room by a small band of shadowy, overfed white men in dark suits. Through the fug of cigar smoke, a TV screen unfurls from the ceiling and a video of the JFK assassination shot from the perspective of the sniper is shown. 'So here's what you'll be doing for the next four years, ok?' one of the suits rasps...

Seriously, though, if Barack Obama is really going to deliver significant change in the way the US economy, oil industry or war machine do business, the battle with John McCain is just a warm-up act for the struggle to come - with the lobbyists, bankers and money men who have pulled the strings of every US president since FDR almost a century ago.

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