Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Kemptown children going hungry at school

Sometimes I just can’t believe that people believe New Labour are really a political party that represents the less well off in our society. I know it’s hardly news that whoever ratchets up most votes in an election (sort of) the Government always wins, and that Governments are never really interested in prioiritising the needs of the poorest, but today it has been reported that almost a million children across the country are living in poverty but not receiving free school meals.

According to The Guardian newspaper that’s about half the total number of children living in poverty across the country. Since, according to the Child Poverty Action Group, some 50 per cent of all children living in the Brighton Kemptown area fall into that category, it implies that one in every four children here are struggling to meet the costs of eating lunch at school. The mind boggles really.

The answer has got to lie in rolling out free school meals to everyone, something the Greens have been calling for years – and managed to persuade the council was a good idea for Brighton just last week.

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