Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Mark World Human Rights Day by helping to stop climate change

Today is the 60th anniversary of the signing of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

I'm not sure either Eleanour Roosevelt, H G Wells or any of the other original drafters would make of the world now. Or, come to think of it, the US military-industrial logic that human rights can and should be defended with cluster hombs and a space age arms race.

But perhaps their biggest surprise would be that we are failing to take climate change seriously enough. Of course its real impact is going to be less about the wonderful new varieities of sparkling wine growing in Sussex - or even the inevitable flooding at Brighton Marina - and more about the devastation set to wreak havoc across much of the developed world. The price will be paid hardest by indigenous communities and minorities, who are least able to take preventative measures - and whose voices are so often denied. Now that's a human rights violation if ever there was one, and it shames us all.

There's loads more on this here - and a petition you can sign to add your voice on climate change to some of the most voiceless on the planet.

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