Monday, 9 February 2009

Do Something About It!

Some of you might have come across the excellent US campaign - an instrumental player in the country falling out of love with Bush: well a UK version has just been launched, Do Something About It!

DSAI seeks to influence British politics by backing candidates that support its 'progressive' goals:

- a diverse economy, less dependent on the demands of the financial sector

- investment in 'green' industries and energy production (and training!)

- a smaller gap between the richest and the poorest

- a fairer society, in which people are not stifled by lack of time and resources

Wow! Sounds like a summary of the politics that drove me to the Green Party in the first place. I hope they attract a big membership - and that they'll be directing some of them to help elect one of the country's first Green MPs here in Brighton and Peacehaven...

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