Saturday, 21 March 2009

Tory technophobes - sosumi 2009!

I wanted to post this video more than a month ago: it comes from the council's webcast of the annual budget-setting council meeting, and shows me calling for more cash to employ a domestic violence outreach worker in the Tarner and Eastern Road areas. The Tories like to shed a crocodile tear or two about domesic violence, but when it comes to the crunch they'd rather spend the money on trimming grass verges, or tax cuts for the richest, every time.

Anyway, I haven't posted this until now, partly because I have only recently learned how to do so, and partly becuase I've been waiting to get my head round a complaint made against one of my Green Party councillor colleages, Jason Kitcat, for re-posting video clips from council meetings.

If there was a decent reason for one of the old Tory duffers (sorry cabinet members) wasting taxpayers money (as usual!) by getting councillors to examine the rights and wrongs of reposting video already in the public domain, then obviously I didn't want to make things worse.

Maybe, for example, a council officer appearing in the background was in hiding from an abusive ex-partner or something.

But no - having spoken to Jason it seems the complaint is entirely speculative. It doesn't really allege anything at all, it just hopes the standards board will be able to find something. I naively thought trying to increase the audience for council proceedings was all good for open democracy - but apparently the Tories think otherwise.

I'm not really surprised. In the flesh they so often (with a few notable exceptions, of course) look like gibbering idiots that showing them at it would probably bring the whole council into disrepute. Certainly it would lead to a collapse in the Tory vote.

There's another, simpler, reason, that's probably behind the complaint: they don't really know how to do it themnselves and their natural state is one of technophobia!

Anyway, here's the clip - I challenge the Tories to bring another standards board complaint against me too if they think they have a case - and they wouldn't rather spend the money any such complaint costs on cutting grass verges... Sosumi, as Apple Computers infamously said to the Beatles' record label!

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