Sunday, 12 April 2009

After two years... the lift is back!

So the Madeira lift is back in action - and finally Kemp Town beach has become fully accessible - without the need to round the gauntlet of traffic or the two-mile round trip to the Palace Pier and back.

Great news, yes, but I could hardly believe it when I saw Brighton Council leader Mary Mears trotting out her grandchildren in The Argus to celebrate.

Not only has she signally failed to learn from old Tory John Gummer (remember him, force feeding BSE burgers to his own daughter on TV?) that parading your own family for the media is an act of political desperation almost bound to fail, but she's got the bare-faced cheek to celebrate her own Council's failure to prioritise mending the lift in the first place.

Has she forgotten it's been closed for two years? That parents with children in buggies and wheelchair users have basically been forced to abandon Kemp Town beach for the whole of the last two summers?

I'm sure if the problem was a bit of long grass in Patcham - or anything, really, that wasn't about improving life for parents and the disabled, she'd have made sure it was mended when it broke, back in 2007.

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