Thursday, 2 April 2009

A tragic death - but why no news?

Well as the dust settles on the G20 summit - and the demonstrations - I'm left feeling deeply saddened.

Not just because world leaders failed to agree on a really green new deal that would have given us a fighting chance of tackling climate change and world poverty rather than just getting back to business as usual, but because of the tragedy that a protestor died while inside a police 'kettle' - or cordon - outside the Bank of England yesterday.

No-one seems to know yet exactly what happened - and watching the BBC's News at Ten certainly didn't bring any clues. Obviously the death of a demonstrator whilst he's penned in by police lines just doesn't make the BBC's news criteria. But it isn't just the BBC - even Indymedia is only publishing a holding statement and call for witness information.

Meanwhile, the news vacuum is being filled by speculation about the extent to which the police were to blame for this tragedy. I've already received appeals to ask Sussex Police to make sure they learn from the Met's aggressive tactics and pledge not to use cordons - or so called 'Section 60' powers - during a Mass Street Party planned for Brighton on May 4th (watch this space for more details soon).

I just want to know what happened. I'll keep asking - meanwhile my thoughts, of course, are with the family and friends of the dead man.


  1. Well the BBC did in fact report that he died of natural causes and not as any result of attending the protest. You must have been watching the wrong news report.

    Whether or not this is accurate I cannot tell.

  2. If this had been a policeman who'd died it would be splashed everywhere.

    I've seen this natural causes thing and I think it's too early to tell and that's for the coroner to decide - God Bless the BBC obliviously[1] but they don't know anymore than we do.

    We do know that this man was in an area that was blocked in by police and had been the subject of dogs, baton charges and kettling.

    I'm *not* saying the police killed him, but we just have to have an open mind until we know the facts.

    [1] That was a typo but I decided to leave it in cos it's fun!

  3. I have been collecting eyewitness reports on the Mabinogogiblog. They contradict the corporate media reports. One account suggests that he was hit on the head by a truncheon a few minutes prior to collapse; this would be consistent with death from a subdural haemorrhage, but we have to wait for the post mortem, and even then they may try to obscure facts that incriminate the police. Bear in mind that Dr David Kelly has never had a Coroner Inquest.