Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Two-homes Des spends even more of your money than you thought...

MPs expenses are certainly generating a lot of steam at the moment - and that's hardly surprising given recent reports.

It beggars belief. Porn films, jobs for the boys, second homes - they are all paid for by the taxpayer, at a total cost of £93 million last year.

Locally, The Argus has reported that Des '2 Homes' Turner - our Labour MP here in Kemptown - has claimed more than £12,000 for a second home in London.

I think that's disgusting. Why can't he commute between Brighton and London like thousands of others have to?

In my view, he has a duty to use public transport. If it isn't good enough for him, he should be fighting hard to improve it, for everyone.

Why should a public servant have two homes when some here in Brighton have none?

But even if he doesn't agree, however he chooses to organise his work-home balance, he shouldn’t be asking the taxpayer to foot the bill on top of his £64,000 salary. Isn't £64K enough?

Let me be absolutely clear: if I am elected as MP for Brighton Kemptown I will not claim a penny of expenses to pay for a second home in London.

I will live in the constituency, and commute to work on the train like thousands of others.

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