Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Alex Phillips selected as Green Party candidate for Goldsmid by-election

Brighton and Hove Green Party has selected Alex Phillips as its candidate to contest any by-election called for Goldsmid ward.

Alex, who lives in the Seven Dials area, works for the local party, and would be a fantastic councillor. She's committed to the ward in which she lives, is experienced at handling residents' issues and casework, having dealt with lots of it on behalf of Euro-MP Caroline Lucas for years, and knows her policy onions too.

Alex is also a well-organised and hard-working campaigner: when voters realise that only a Green vote can keep the Tories out, and are inspired by some of our positive messages, I'm sure she'll be joining us in the 12-strong group of green Party councillors in Brighton and Hove.

We might not have to wait that long for a by-election either: rumour has it council leader Mary Mears could call one as soon as this week... watch this space!

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