Friday, 15 May 2009

Brighton's Tory administration limps on awhile longer...

Well, the coup didn't happen. The minority Tory administration in Brighton and Hove managed to limp on for another day, just.

Paul Lainchbury, the 'absentee' Tory councillor for Goldsmid, turned up, and didn't resign after all. He just nodded his assent to Ann Norman being elected mayor and Mary Mears being named leader of a minority administration again - and then left sharpish.

I guess he's in the clear now to resign - but what a cynical last act as councillor it'll have been, to have propped up a failing minority administration that the electorate don't want, and can only command 25 out of 54 seats on the council.

I can understand why people are so turned off the party politics of the 20th century. Oh no, that'll be all the crooks in parliament spending our money on their moats, porn films and second homes.

Of course, when we Greens tried to express our discomfort with this betrayal of the city, a furious Lady Mears told us off for the heinous crime of ruining some of the Tories' day by bringing politics into the council chamber... seriously! I'll post some footage from the council's webcast archive when they get round to making it accessible. Meanwhile, you can read an 'objective' take on the meeting, courtesy of The Argus.

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