Sunday, 24 May 2009

Brighton voters fed up of crooked Westminster parties

Latest polls put the Green at about 10 per cent of the vote: and show a collapse in support for the 'Westminster' parties.

After spending a couple of hours leafletting and talking to people enjoying the free Brighton Festival Fringe events in New Road yesterday, I can't say I'm surprised.

We were listening while handing out our anti-sleaze leaflets, and Festival-goers' anger was palpable.

I met one man who said he would be voting BNP - that's one more than said they'd be voting Labour or Tory on June 4th.

There was a single over-riding message though: local MPs may not be the most crooked, but it's the political parties at Westminster that are ultimately responsible for all the dodgy expenses claims - they didn't deal with it until MPs got caught, and they won't be voting Labour, Tory or Lib-Dem again.

The trouble is, in a four-way race you only need a quarter of votes to run the country, and even that assumes a 100 per cent turnout. In reality, it's much less. Even if, as seems likely, voters abandon the biggest parties in their droves, they still might end up running the country, with candidates selected behind closed doors.

Surely it's time now for widespread parliamentary reform, to deal with a whole system that's become rotten to the core, and ensure that the UK parliament looks a little more like the population it's trying to represent?

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