Thursday, 14 May 2009

A coup at Brighton and Hove council?

Well it seems I might be wrong when I worried that today's council meeting might be the most pointless in history. I've just heard a rumour that absentee Tory councillor Paul Lainchbury for Goldsmid will resign minutes after his casting vote has ensured Mary Mears's election as minority leader of the council for another year.

She knows she'd never win the vote without him: the numbers just don't stack up.

Erm, that's democracy. If there aren't enough Tory councillors to sustain a vote for a Tory-run council by 6pm, whey should the electorate have to put up with it for another year, just because there were at 5pm?

Some would say waiting until after the leader of the council has been chosen before resigning is a deliberate act of trying to distort democracy. In some places, that's called a coup, and its perpetrators, conspirors and beneficiaries end up in prison, or worse, when voters manage to re-assert democracy.

All in all, it promises to be quite an interesting meeting now. If you're interested too, watch the webcast.

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