Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Don't sleepwalk into climate change - Greens take over Kemp Town beach

Zombies took over part of Kemp Town beach over the Bank Holiday weekend, to warn people not to sleepwalk into climate change - and urge them to vote Green on June 4th.

The Green Party's 'battle bus' - an old London Routemaster modified to run on recycled cooking oil - was parked up near Brighton's Palace Pier on Sunday and Monday, hotfooting it to Essex when the rain started at about 5pm.

Local activists and others (including, somewhat bizarrely, four Brighton councillors) turned a few heads when they took part in a uinque political flashmob experiment: they all 'made like Zombies' to the music of Michael Jackson's 'Thriller' as a giant banner was unfurled urging sunseekers not to 'sleepwalk into climate change'. Look out for video footage soon!

The public response was excellent - and not just from those locals in a Green Party heartland (the bus was parked on the boundary of three Brighton council wards, Regency, Queen's Park and St Peter's and North Laine, represented by eight councillors, all of them Green) - but the many visitors in town for the sunny Bank Holiday.

The hunger for literature proclaiming any alternative to the crooked 'Westminster parties' was palpable: the big question for me though, as the election looms, is not how many voters abandon Labour, the Lib-Dems and the Tories, but how many will be bothered to vote at all.

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