Friday, 22 May 2009

'Two homes Des' just doesn't get it

Brighton Kemptown's Labour MP Des 'Two Homes' Turner just doesn't get it, does he?

He's quoted in today Argus as saying he "doesn't see the point" in publishing his expenses in full himself.

"Doesn't see the point"?

How about clearing up some of the public anger at the shameless way so many of our trusted MPs have behaved, helping themselves to tax breaks, duck ponds, and, sometimes, just money for homes that don't even exist?

I'm sure it isn't that he doesn't really care what his constituents think because he's stepping down at the next election anyway.

Whatever his reasons for not immediately publishing details of all his expenses claims - they're ever so complicated, after all - I really hope that voters don't allow the status quo to prevail by tarring all the political parties with the same brush and not bothering to vote on June 4th.

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  1. Ben.I'll ring later,but I'm organising a visit to Turner and Lepper's surgeries on 5th June to demand that they pay back their expenses.(and in future live off a normal person's income)