Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Homophobic church unveils plans to brainwash Brighton

Back in 2007 when we heard the news that dwindling congregations meant St Peter's Church would have to close its doors, I remember a number of discussions - and public chatter - about how to save the building, and its fantastic stained glass, for the community.

Social housing seemed the most sensible option raised at the time - a close call though, as plans for a University of Sussex library and city centre outpost were briefly mooted too.

But now a small Christian sect has announced its plans to take over ('plant') the church - and use it as a hub for brainwashing the 98.5 per cent of Brighton and Hove residents who don't choose to go to church every week.

The Holy Trinity Brompton church - who brought us the 'Alpha Course' - which seeks to deliver a fast-track (10 week) route to evangelical Christianity using deeply homophobic and anti-feminist arguments along the way - plans to ship staff down from London and have St Peter's up and running its way within weeks.

The new masters of St Peter's connect social deprivation in the city with its 'godlessness'. They fret that fewer people go to church regularly here in Brighton and Hove than anywhere else in the country, and seem to suggest that if more of us did then there'd be more jobs, less poverty, better housing standards and so on.

To be honest, my mind boggles. Each to their own I suppose, but I do worry that those living in the Tarner area, recognised as facing some of the worst social deprivation, and, in some cases, mental ill-health, in the country will find themselves ruthlessly preyed on.

One former worshipper quoted in the BBC said the church tends to play mind games on people - and prey on the most vulnerable.

"You have to be a strong personality to resist, but I did. They were working on me all the time," she said.


  1. Brighton does not this kind of FILTH, especially if it wants to continue its image of being one of the most open-minded places on this planet!

  2. What a pathetic and ill informed over-reaction.
    The alpha course has been run succesfully in dozens of churches around the city for years and, whilst it's not my thing, isn't that bad. If you want homophobia or sexism look to St Lukes Prestonville or CCK.

  3. Also, this isn't a 'sect' it's a fully paid up member of the Anglican Communion.
    If you're worried about people praying on the vulnerable and mentally ill then maybe we should be looking towards drug dealers and the like, I can't see any cult equalling their devastating effect on our city.