Monday, 18 May 2009

Labour website urges party to adopt Green Party policies

The Labour Party seems to be in a bit of a spin these days: I think it's reeling from the news that so many of its MPs - even Old Labour stalwarts like Elliott Morley - have had their snouts in the trough, spending your money on their second homes, often entirely fraudulently.

The public is furious. And rightly so. The polls are full of the news that voters will either stay at home - or reject the three biggest parties - in the European Parliamentary election on June 4th. This weekend polls revealed that more than a third of people were considering voting Green - and that national support for the Greens is running at 11 per cent.

Well I hope that's true: I think if voters want to clean up politics they should vote but reject those parties whose MPs are at the heart of these scandals.

Even TV presenter Esther Rantzen agrees: according to the BBC South lunchtime news she's so disgusted she's considering standing for parliament herself, as an anti-sleaze candidate, a Martin Bell for 2010.

But perhaps even more interesting is the fact that LabourHome, the party's on-line discussion forum, is carrying articles suggesting Labour takes a leaf out of the Green party's book, both in terms of policy and presentation.

One post notes that 'The Greens seem to be saying a lot of what makes sense, and rightly so: it's what Labour should have been saying all along!'.

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