Thursday, 28 May 2009

Local Labour MP spends £28K of taxpayers' cash on home improvements

Labour apologists in Hove have been milking the fact that local MP Celia Barlow hasn't been caught spending our money on a second home.

Brighton MPs Des Turner and David Lepper have been squirming since it emerged that both claim for second homes in the capital, despite the fact that they represent thousands of commuters who can't even dream of abandoning the daily Brighton to London round trip - let alone getting the taxpayer to foot the bill.

But their colleague from the city's wild west Miss Barlow claimed nothing last year in second home allowances, choosing to get the train back from Westminster to her constituency instead.

Great, I thought. A Labour MP showing some honesty and integrity, seeking to live like their constituents. But now it has emerged she claimed more than the cost of both Des and Dave's second homes put together - more than £28,000, to spruce up her Hove home (and no, Celia, I'm not just jealous!), and claim moving costs. The taxpayer even footed the bill for her stamp duty,l according to The latest Telegraph expose.

I've no idea if that's legal. I know it seems ridiculous, but of course MPs made up the rules themselves, so they're a bit lax when it comes to stamping on either tax evasion or fraud, as we discover a little more clearly every day.

I'm sure Gord-help-us and his kangaroo court will let us know sooner or later.

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  1. Lets have a "Barlow Must GO" campaign in Hove.
    Imagine what that would do for the feeling of people power if we forced Barlow to resign.
    She will always be seen as corrupt now - quite rightly - and surely even the Labour Party could be shamed by a visible campaign into giving her up