Thursday, 14 May 2009

Lottery cash boost for local organic food in Brighton

Great news: despite so much lottery cash being diverted from community projects to pay for the London 2012 Olympics, some has been able to trickle down.

I've just heard the Brighton and Hove Food Partnership has been awarded £500,000 over four years from the Big Lottery Fund to increase the amount of food grown in the city and to encourage people to eat more locally produced food.

'Harvest Brighton and Hove' is one of the first projects in the country to receive a Beacon grant from the Big Lottery’s Local Food scheme, awarded to projects which have national significance.

Harvest Brighton and Hove aims to increase the amount of local food produced and eaten within the city, and encourage more people to grow food in their gardens, patios or even window boxes.

It will encourage food growing in underused and unusual spaces, for example on land around housing and workplaces and will provide people with the skills and opportunities to grow food – whether at home, school or in community gardens.

It's totally in line with Green Party thinking locally: we have unsuccessfully called on the Tory council to give over more public land to food production, and promote a 21st Century 'Dig for Victory' scheme to boost health, equality and food security.

Hopefully this cash will enable exactly that to happen, and the residents of Brighton and Hove will benefit dramatically.

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