Monday, 11 May 2009

No news is good news

There's been a lot of nonsense spoken and reported about last week's Mayday protest and 'unauthorised' street party in Brighton on Monday.

The real headline, for me, was how well it all went. Obviously The Argus had a different story to tell, so it talked up the mayhem.

But I spent few hours with senior officers who were much more relaxed, and agreed that there was little cause for concern, and a while with demonstrators, who wanted to make their arguments, but weren't really interested in causing any damage or destruction at all.

Anyway, here's my favourite pic of the day, a surreal moment when the protest - and a phalanx of running coppers - snaked through Pavilion Gardens, and past Anish Kapoor's 'Sky Mirror' installation for Brighton Festival.

I overheard one protestor say to another: 'Oh I'm so glad we came this way, I really wanted to see some art while I was down here'

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