Sunday, 10 May 2009

One rule for the MPs, another for those on benefits...

Both The Guardian and The Independent have published letters from local resident and secretary of the Brighton Unemployed Workers Centre Tony Greenstein. Although I don't agree with everything Tony says and does this is absolutely spot on: he makes the point that it's one rule for MPs and another for benefit claimants, who would have been arrested by now if they had taken the same approach to form-filling as Gordon Brown and his gang...

So Gordon Brown "inadvertently" claimed for a plumber's bill twice and Jack Straw claimed the full cost of his council tax, despite a 50% rebate. But there is no defence of "inadvertence" if you are unemployed and overclaim. On the contrary, you will be subject to the full force of the law, interviewed under caution and as likely as not prosecuted.

There is something obscene about a situation where bankers are rewarded for the consequences of their own gambling, MPs are able to get away with expenses fraud but the poor are penalised for the slightest error.

Well said Tony.

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