Monday, 11 May 2009

Plans for a mobile phone mast outside Queen's Park School

Mobile 'phone giant O2 has put in a planning application for a 3G mast on Freshfield Industrial Estate between Southdown Mews and Edward Street, right behind Queen’s Park Primary School.

Now I'm all for mobile 'phones - I certainly wouldn't be without mine - and as they get better and better at handling serious data flows it stands to reason that new, bigger, masts are needed.

But while questions remain about the health impact of living, literally, in the shadow of a 'phone mast (and they do!) I can't begin to condone building them near schools.

In Australia there is a ‘cordon sanitaire’ principle, meaning no 'phone masts are allowed to be built within 500 metres of a school or a hospital.

If you would like to view the plans then go to

Click 'planning', then ‘register of planning applications'. Select 'I agree' and click 'continue'.

In the Application Number box, enter the application number BH2009/00481 and click 'search'. You should see a summary of the application. Click 'details'.

You can then access more information about the application, e.g. by clicking 'documents' you can access plans, design and access statement, and so on.

To object/comment, click 'make a comment' or email or

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