Friday, 8 May 2009

Poor Gordon Brown makes a Nazi gaffe this time

Poor, beleagured, Gordon Brown.

He really hasn't had a great week: losing not only a vote in the House of Commons - but the goodwill of much of the country - over whether or not to allow former Ghurkas to retire, with their families, in the UK, being attacked by his own ministers over his clumsy YouTube video - oh and getting caught giving his brother six grand of taxpayers' cash for a 'cleaner'.

And then to cap it all Mr Brown somehow was allowed to be photographed in front of a wall with children’s images of the Second World War, including several swastikas, at Prendergast-Hilly Fields College in Lewisham, southeast London.

The images were part of a school project entitled Life in Nazi Germany and there were other displays in the room, such as Life in Rome, but Downing Street defended its handling of the visit, arguing that it would have been a bigger story if it had asked the pupils to take their work down.

I don't think it's that Gord is trying to be an idiot - just that he, and all his Malcolm Tucker style advisors - have just giving up trying altogether.


  1. Hey there Ben,

    I'm glad you somehow got your hands on the 'Nazi Brown' photo. I tried searching for it on Google the day after the hilarious incident and quite unusually, could not uncover anything whatsoever resembling said photograph on the entire massive depths of the intraweb.

    Looks like Nicola Burdett has finally been earning her wage by jumping on top of all of the Internet and trying to smother it to death. Unfortunately, the intraweb is indestructible and cannot be killed.

    Just like politics then...

  2. Prendergast is slap bang in the middle of my ward, but funnily enough the 3 Green councillors for the ward didn't get an invite ;).

  3. Spiderboris: fortunately, perhaps?

    Sue: Why doesn't that surprise me! If you had been invited, I bet you'd have got better advice on where to stand for the pic!