Saturday, 16 May 2009

Remember to register to vote by Tuesday - you can't vote for clean politics if you don't

Many have warned that so many voters are disgusted by politicians of the big three parties due to revelations that many have been abusing their expenses that few will bother to vote on June 4th.

But that would be a disaster for democracy itself: and would just mean that those who do end up being elected aren't truly representative of the communities they serve.

What's more, the very politicians whose parties lie at the heart of these expenses scandals are likely to benefit most, as are the forces of ultra-nationalism and the fascist BNP: hardly heralding a new era of 'clean' politics.

So voting for someone, anyone, who can trust on June 4th is essential if we're going to reclaim democracy and kick sleaze out of politics once and for all.

But you can't vote for anyone unless you're on the electoral register - make sure you are here, before the cut-off date: Tuesday, May 19th.

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