Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Reverend Billy's 'Church of Life After Shopping' comes to St James's Street Starbucks

Street theatre with a message comes to St James's Street on Monday, June 1st, when international anti-consumerist preacher Reverend Billy brings his 'Choir of Stop Shopping' workshop to the street's unlawful Starbucks.

Reverend Billy, who is based in New York but is in England to promote his new film 'What Would Jesus Buy?', will bring his workshop to St James's Street at 4.30pm, ahead of a show at The Basement arts centre.

The choir will be joined by local residents and traders to tell the US Coffee Giant to respect planning laws, and to celebrate all those helping to keep the community vibrant, local and sustainable.

The preacher urged local people to come and join the show: we're here to support your campaign to keep Brighton remains local, independent, and community minded, not the other way round, he said.

The 'Choir of Stop Shopping' has already been banned from every Starbucks in the USA for its annoying habit of trying to spread their 'gospel' of 'sustainable consumption, strong local economies and access to public space and free speech'.

Well I can see why Starbucks doesn't like that much!

As the Reverend says on his own website:

We like independent shops where you know the person behind the counter or at least you like them enough to share a story and a smile.

Our neighbourhoods, parks and streets and libraries, are disappearing into the corporatised world of brand imagery and chain stores.

So we are singing and preaching for local economies and real – not mediated through products – experience.

I'm looking forward to it. Watch this space for further details and pictures!

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