Sunday, 10 May 2009

St James's Street community meetings

It's that time of the month again... and a whole new cycle of St James's Street Area community group meetings is nearly with us.

The businesses and traders group will be having its next meeting on Wednesday (May 13th) at 7pm at the New Madeira Hotel on the seafront.

The Local Action Team, which is open to everyone but is primarily aimed at residents, and has a community safety focus, meets at the Dorset Gardens Methodist Church, again at 7pm, next Wednesday (that's the 20th) - and will be having a special discussion abut licensed premises, especially in light of the perverse decision to allow Tesco to add its cut-prize booze to the St James's Street mix. The council's Head of Community Safety, Linda Beanlands, has said she'll come along.

I'm hoping the local PCSOs make this one as well, so I can remind them of 'Innkeeper' - Sussex Police's very own database of every licensed premise, any conditions under which it operates - and the history of any complaints or other aggravation connected with any particular license.

Please come - or if you can't, leave your concerns as comments and I'll raise them...

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