Friday, 15 May 2009

Time for a Congestion Charge?

Just days after Brighton's Green Party Euro-MP Caroline Lucas warned that the city faced a 'summer of smog' due to dangerous pollution levels in 18 areas of the city, The Argus has reported that the 18 pollution hotspots identified in 2007 have risen to 30 now - and the problem is getting worse across Brighton and Hove.

Members of the planning committee have even started rejecting bids to build homes with windows in these areas for fear of the health impacts of daily exposure to high - and unlawful - levels of pollution.

And guess what - pollution levels are worst at traffic hotspots: the Vogue Gyratory and Preston Circus face the worst problems of all.

Brighton Kemptown's problem areas include: Eastern Road, Grand Parade and Lewes Road.

Isn't it time we looked at introducing a Low Emissions Zone, banning heavy-emission vehicles form certain areas - or introducing a London-style Congestion Charge?

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