Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Tory councillor earns Brighton and Hove a namecheck in Private Eye's Private Eye's 'Rotten Boroughs' column - again!

Private Eye's Rotten Boroughs column today gives us all another update on the ever-absent Tory councillor for Goldsmid Paul Lainchbury.

I reproduce it here, and again ask the Eye's copyright lawyers to look favourably on my little 'blog: again, I'm not trying to steal the story, merely promote the wonderful magazine and inform Brighton and Hove residents of its continued relevance in the hope that they'll buy lots of copies!

Anyway, here's the article:


As the Eye went to press absentee Skidrow-on-Sea councillor Paul Lainchbury who, we revealed last issue, takes so little interest in council affairs he no longer bothers to claim his allowance, had still not resigned, despite the uproar caused by our story.

Even the dozy Brighton Argus reported it after the Eye appeared. The problem for Skidrow's Tories is that a by-election would risk their one-seat majority, so council leader Mary Mears wants Lainchbury to hang on. Councillor Fiddler, the character played by the late Sid James in Carry On Girls, would surely have approved: he also plied his trade in a fading seaside resort, the aptly named Fircombe, rather than Brighton.

For me, the issue isn't that Mr L isn't doing the job, it's that Mary Mears, as council leader, hasn't stepped in to ensure Goldsmid residents are best served.

Anyway, the Greens are selecting their candidate for any possible by-election tonight: the three candidates are former candidates Martin Grimshaw and Rob Jarrett, and Alex Philips, who works for the Greens and lives in Goldsmid. More news later!

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