Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Tory councillor rips off Hove residents

For the second time in as many weeks I am asking for Private Eye's copyright lawyers to look favourably on my 'blog.

This week's edition carries, in the Eye's usual inimitable style, news of the latest scandal to rock Brighton's Tories - the permanent absence of one of their councillors - in the mag's 'Rotten Boroughs' column.

I reproduce it here not to steal the story, but because it's surely of interest to readers locally, and in the hope that it will encourage you to subscribe, or buy Private Eye yourself!

"Uneasy sits the crown on the head of Mary Mears, leader of Skidrow-on-Sea's minority Conservative administration, which depends for power on the single vote of former Conservative turned Independent Jayne Bennett.

"Residents of Hove's Goldsmid ward are represented, or rather not represented, by young Tory Paul Lainchbury. Cllr Lainchbury's business as a financial advisor occupies so much of his time that he is unable to fulfil his duties as a councillor - to the extent that, honourably, he no longer claims his allowance.

"The next honourable step, of course, would be to stand down - and, indeed, that is Cllr Lainchbury's wish, but Cllr Mears will not let him, for fear that a by-election would result in a gain for Labour or the Greens. So the Hove voters can go hang."

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