Monday, 18 May 2009

Tory shadow housing minister to face Brighton's homeless

The Tories' shadow housing minister Grant Shapps comes to Brighton today - what a nerve!

The numbers of people being forced to sleep on our streets is on the rise, and its an absolutely shameful indictment of Britain today.

And as a councillor I've almost lost count of the number of peole that have contacted me about the inadequate availability of suitable council housing.

Meanwhile, properties across the city sit empty. 45 Newhaven Street, for example: it's a family home, close to the city centre, and it's been sitting idle for six months.

And the Tories, who are responsible, have the cheek to come to Brighton to crow about how they've got the solutions!

In truth, Mr Shapps (who?) and the Tories have little to offer Brighton and Hove’s homeless and poorly housed people, fellow Green Party councillor Bill Randall said this morning.

"They tinker around the edges of the housing crisis while the local waiting list rises and nationally two new households are formed for every new home built.

"Indeed, plans to abolish regional targets would bring house-building to its knees and confirm that that the Tories would rather suck up to NIMBIES than help the homeless. Nothing has changed since Thatcher was in power.’

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