Thursday, 7 May 2009

A Tory vote on June 4th is a vote for homophobia and racism

I often find myself lulled into the belief that the Conservative Party isn't quite the anti-social and divisive institution it once was. That nice-seeming Mr Cameron isn't Margaret Thatcher, after all. You don't get the feeling he sits in a tower somewhere devising evil strategies for widening inequality and making life nastier for most ordinary people in the way she did.

But then something happens to remind me why I went into politics in the first place. This time, it's the realisation that Mr C wants to pull the Tory MEPs out of the Conservative group in Strasbourg and form a new right-wing bloc that's a little less moderate.

So what, I hear you say. Surely one Conservative group is pretty much like any other. Wrong: this one would include a party that warns homosexuality will trigger the "downfall of civilisation".

The group will include the Polish Law and Justice Party (PiS), which has banned gay rights marches for being "sexually obscene". Its co-founder Jaroslaw Kaczynski has said that homosexuality will cause the "downfall of civilisation". Another PiS MP has warned that Barack Obama's victory would mean "the end of the civilisation of the white man". The party's foreign affairs speaker, William Hague, has also held talks with a racist Latvian nationalist party. Nice.

Normally staid British diplomats and Foreign Office mandarins are already shitting themselves: they fear the move will leave Britain isolated and ridiculed.

But however much the moderate and socially-minded Tories like to think the nasty party of old has changed, the reality is Mr C's got little choice: this European lurch to thre right was the sweetener to the fascists within his ranks that got him elected party leader in the first place.

To be honest, none of this is much of a surprise. I see the Tories in action almost every day, after all, but I do wonder how the bright young things cope. Remember all those awful T-shirts they wore at Brighton Pride last year: 'Tory, Gay and Proud'? I bet they won't be wearing them at the first meeting of the new Euro-fascist club they've created!

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  1. Couldn't have said it better Ben. The European People's Party, the Christain Democractic group, is where a 'sane' Conservative Party belong, but because of their populist anti-EU stance it would seem they are more at home with the Polish Brown Shirts. Long gone is Turbine Tory's green wash of caring Conservatism on a bicycle.

    Ironically of course the Tories should do quite well in this years's Euros, but will find that their increased size group will get less positions within the Parliament as the EPP and PES get the lions share of Committee Chairs and the smaller groups the meaningless scraps. And the Tories have just left the top table to join the scraps.

    All the best for the Green Party, will be wonderful if Peter C can join Caroline and Pauline in Brussels.