Saturday, 6 June 2009

700-tree forest spruces up Valley Gardens

What if?

What if Valley Gardens, the green strip of land running from Brighton Pavilion to St Peter's Church, separating four lanes of traffic and serving as the boundary between central and Eastern Brighton, were to become one of the world's greatest parks, part of the gateway to a new, post-oil, 21st Century city?

They're the questions posed by University of Brighton architects and artists as part of a wonderful project to create a 'temporary forest' of 700 trees there for the next week.

The trees, all destined for Wild Park, in Moulscoomb, are evenly spread across the gardens, creating a wonderful space to sit and contemplate life and seek respite from the traffic jams taking root in the congested roads to either side.

The project has been supported by Brighton and Hove City Council - but I can't help fearing the council's Tory administration's love of car-based solutions to everything (remember their bizarre plan to build an underground car park beneath The Level?) will ensure that Valley Gardens remain little more than a central reservation as long as they remain in power.

Perhaps the appropriate question should be: what if we had a Green Party administration?

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