Saturday, 27 June 2009

Brighton Tory wannabe quits after party MPs forced to hand back £260,000

So Tory hopeful David Bull has decided to throw in the towel as the party's parliamentary candidate for Brighton Pavilion.

Only David will know the real reason why: but the news comes hot on the heels after the latest chapter in the MPs' expenses saga.

Tory MPs have been ordered by cuddly leader David Cameron to hand back £260,000 to the taxpayer after being caught living the high life at our expense.

I've no idea whether this latest development influenced Mr Bull's decision: but it's certainly not a very lucrative time to be a Tory MP - and his website makes pretty clear he's a man with pretty expensive tastes.

Maybe he just doesn’t think its worthwhile now that the expenses are being reined in?

Whatever the reason, it leaves a void where the Tory candidate will be. Perhaps this will herald a return to Brighton politics for self-publicist David Van Day?

Perhaps he'll be able to enjoy earning a place in history by being the first person in the UK to come second to a Green MP - in the way that neither Lepper nor Bull have wanted to.

Oh and it'll save the local Tories a few bob on 'Vote David' stickers...

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