Monday, 22 June 2009

Buck Off - great film teling the tale of the campaign against the St James's Street Starbucks

This film, narrated by Louis Louzou, tells the story of the unlawful St James's Street Starbucks up to the public inquiry into its future that took place at Brighton Town hall earlier this month. I'll post on that in a few days: meanwhile, two facts to remember:

1. The inquiry will announce it's result in September. It's rumoured though that the chain has secured an option to lease the former John's Camping shop on the other side of the street - and will simply move over the road and start the whole process again if they lose.

2. This film contains the startling revelation that the nearby Cherry Tree Deli and Cafe has suffered an 18% drop in coffee sales since Starbucks opened its doors - so the impact on the local community is already being felt, and hard.


  1. Ben thanks for this, while the content is good I can't say I'm that impressed that after being told by the Starbucks employee that they can't speak on the subject, the producer or director of the film has gone ahead and included the employee's voice, presumably unaltered or undistorted.

  2. Good point Phelim.

    The whole campaign is about, amongst other things, the pay and conditions of Starbucks stuff, particularly the firm's attitude to unions.

    I hope that those who made this film haven't forgotten the power of the media in terms of achieving rights for workers, in Starbucks or anywhere else!