Thursday, 4 June 2009

Burgess and Turner pledge misplaced loyalty in Gord-help-us Brown

After the shock news that yet another cabinet minister has resigned - this time Work and Pensions Secretary James Purnell - you've got to wonder: is there anyone left who DOES want Gordon Brown to remain as Britain's PM?

Certainly the public mood suggests not. Labour under Gord-help-us Brown is expected to get a proper drubbing at today's local and European elections, and I'm yet to meet anyone 'on the street' with a kind word to say about him.

But, local paper The Argus has this week reported that Gordon Brown does have at least two supporters: Brighton Kemptown MP Des Turner and his helper and wannabe successor Simon Burgess.

Des 'Two-Homes' Turner reportedly said: “Gordon has enormous qualities but he is less good at instant communication. He should stay on until the next election and I still think it’s possible we can win it. The economy is central to it. Gordon’s response to the crisis has been a bold one and if his actions start to be seen to be producing results I am still naive enough in politics to believe the electorate will give him credit for that.”

And Simon Burgess, who plans to contest the seat when Dr Turner joins the ranks of those MPs stepping down at the next election, said: “I am not calling for him to go. The public need a lot of persuading on both the expenses issue and the economy. We have got a big job to do regardless of who the leader is.”

Oh dear. You'd think, after losing his safe council seat as long ago as 2007, he'd know better.

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