Monday, 15 June 2009

By-election update: Labour priorities - abandon Goldsmid and head to Kemptown

Labour have unwittingly revealed their Brighton and Hove Council by-election strategy: to abandon Goldsmid and concentrate on holding onto their parrliamentary seat here in Brighton Kemptown.

According to Facebook, local Labour big-wigs are to spend the Saturday just before the July 23rd by-election at a Brighton Kemptown Action Day.

I'd think it was Labour punishing Ms Telcs for seeming to abandon the party in her recent letter to voters, except even she plans being in Kemptown rather than Goldsmid herself.

What's going on?

The result of the Goldsmid by-election is of crucial importance to the city: if the Tories lost the seat they'll have lost control of the council - and the short Mary Mears leadership will come to an end.

Is this a tacit admission that Liz Telcs doesn't really mind if she wins or loses, as long as the Tory administration falls?

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  1. And also according to Facebook, hasn't the Green candidate just spent the first ten days of the campaign in Morocco? Good flight was it?

    That's either arrogance, complacency or an admittance of defeat on her part.