Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Desperate Tories announce school holiday by-election

Brighton's ailing Tory minority administration hopes to hold onto the seat of recently-resigned disgraced absentee councillor Paul Lainchbury by engineering one of the lowest turnouts in any council by-election in UK history, it seems.

According to The Argus, they have announced that the Goldsmid by-election will be held on July 23rd, in the first week of the school holidays - when many parents will be away.

This means turnout - traditionally low for council elections and even lower in by-elections - could be the lowest in recent history.

The demographics of voters will be affected too: with less young families, who are less likely to vote Tory, likely to take part.

I guess they must be pretty desperate at the news that UKIP will stand and split the Tory vote.

Maybe I'm being too cynical?

But either way in light of last week's results, in which the Greens trounced the Tories and Labour city-wide, I can't imagine it'll make much difference.

Green candidate Alex Phillips must be delighted.

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