Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Eve of polling media round-up: Guardian and Indy both back the Greens

I'd like to be 'blogging today about the chaos at the heart of Government, and whether Gord-help-us Brown can survive as PM in the wake of resignations from Home Secretary Jacqui Smith and Communities Secretary Hazel Blears, not to mention Beverley Hughes and Tom Watson.

Or about my frustration that Sammy's school is closed tomorrow so it can be used as a polling station, pitting the interests of democracy, education and working parents against each other. One parent I spoke to even told me that the EU had effectively forced them to takre a day off work, and they'd be voting UKIP as a result. Nice one.

But instead I thought I'd just round-up what some of today's papers are saying about tomorrow's likely results. You heard it here last and all that.

Well today's Guardian beggars belief really. In a radical departure from its normal Brown-ite stance, its leader says he's got to go now. And Jonathan Freedland calls on his readers to vote Green - tacitly admitting that voting Green would be the right course for progressives in a General Election too, if only we had PR:

“A vote for the Greens would make a lot of sense: utterly untainted by the expenses slime, they would instantly take their place in a Green bloc in Strasbourg that would have the heft to get things done. Why not exploit the proportional system for European elections and vote your conscience for once.”


Leftie cheerleader Mark Steel comes to the same conclusion in today's Independent.

In conclusion to a piece describing the way Britain's left has simply self-destructed (his stock in trade), he says:

"But the cheery note is that the Green Party has attained credibility while retaining its principles, and seems to be the home for many people who opposed the Iraq war, oppose the rule of bankers and private finance, and feel it might be worth looking at doing something about the fact the planet's about to melt.

"So I'm voting for them tomorrow, and if they implode in a petty row about nothing I'm obviously a jinx and I'm joining the bloody Tories."

Even the Mirror urges its readers to vote Green rather than stay at home, to keep the racist BNP out.

The website, has a useful summary of recent polls.

Based on recent YouGov, ComRes, ICM and Populous polls published in the Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph and Times, they predict the Tories will receive the largest vote, the Labour, then the Lib-Dems - so no real surprises there then.

But opinion on fourth place is divided, with UKIP set to pick up between 10 and 17 per cent, depending on who you believe, and the Greens between nine and 15 per cent.

That would mean anything from five to eight seats for the Greens in Brussels, by my ready reckoning, if they were evenly spread across the country, which of course they won't be - and of course the only poll that really matters is tomorrow's vote.

And there's still time to influence that, so I'm off to do some ringing round to drum up help for our election day operations - and when I've done that I'll be dropping a few last minute leaflets off to my neighbours here in Kemp Town and Queen's Park. Onwards and upwards!

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