Monday, 22 June 2009

Goldsmid update: Lib-Dems feeling the Green heat

The Liberal Democrats in Goldsmid must be feeling the Green heat: they've just sent residents a detailed Environmental Survey and suggested that voting Lib is the best bet for a political party committed to tackling climate change.

I can't imagine many people will bother taking the time to fill it in - let alone return it.

Most local voters know perfectly well that the Lib Dems are, frankly, too yellow to be green.

With only two seats on Brighton and Hove City Council to the Greens' 12, it's no wonder they want to emulate the Green Party, and try and apply some quick greenwash to their policies.

But the reality is that the Lib Dems are all too confused about their policies on aviation - they are all to supportive of new runway building when it comes down to it (they supported expansion of John Lennon Airport in Liverpool, for example).

No-one knows exactly where they stand on waste incineration, nuclear power, road-building (they claim to be against it,m but seem to vote for new, improved roads at almost every opportunity: most lately the M74 Extension) or animal protection.

It's not that they don't say anything on these matters: they do, and it usually sounds great.

But once in power they tend to vote in different ways in different areas.

I hope whoever wins the by-election will be absolutely committed to delivering a fairer, safer and more Environmentally friendly Brighton and Hove. I wouldn't trust the Lib Dems tyo deliver one though, whatever they say.

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