Sunday, 7 June 2009

Green Party storms European election in Brighton and Hove

Well there'll be plenty more time for full analysis of results later, but I can hardly wait to post this: Greens sweep the board in Brighton and Hove and trounce Labour across the South-East region.

The Brighton and Hove results were:

Green 19727
Conservative 13891
Labour 9113
UKIP 7570
Lib Dem 6410
BNP 1796

In the region, Cons won (4 seats), UKIP second (2 seats), Lib-Dems third (2 seats), Green Party fourth (1 seat - well done Caroline Lucas, re-elected for a third term, commiserations to Keith Taylor, so close, he'd have been a great MEP - wait to 2014) and, in fifth place, Labour, who pick up one seat.

Roll on the General Election.


  1. Well done Brighton & Hove Greens! Surely Keith will only have to wait until after the next general election to take up a seat in the European Parliament?!

  2. Well yes I hope so! I hear you did rather well in Lewisham too?