Saturday, 6 June 2009

Green vote share doubles in Peacehaven and Telscombe

As the Green party's candidate for Brighton Kemptown at the next general election (I'm not going on holiday this year, who knows when things will get busy!), I've watched Thursday's local election results closely for any local lessons.

The real story will be much clearer, of course, when we know how Brighton residents voted in the European election as results are declared in the early hours of Monday morning.

All we know from that swathe of the Kemptown constituency that falls within Brighton and Hove City Council's boundaries so far is that turnout was low: 62,974 votes were cast - 32.99% of those eligible. That tends to suggest that those who have voted Labour in previous elections stayed at home, but we'll have to wait and see.

There was only one local vote held, for which we know the result, in the constituency: the Peacehaven and Telscombe Towns division of East Sussex County Council.

The headline result is that the Tories won fairly convincingly, with about 55%, and Greens, Lib-Dems and Labour were all almost neck and neck on about 13, 17 and 14 seven per cent of the vote respectively.

The last time the division was contested, in 2005, the Tories won, on a slightly lower vote share (41 per cent), Labour and the Lib-Dems both picked up about 26 per cent and the Greens managed just about six per cent.

In other words, the Tories have seen their vote increase by about a quarter, the Labour and the Lib-Dem votes have both collapsed, roughly halving in each case, while the Greeen Party vote share has more than doubled. So a fantastic result: well done Jonny Denis and Nicola McGilligan!

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