Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Taking a new role too seriously?

Last night a regular Green party councillors group meeting ratified our roles, responsibilities and 'briefs' for the next year.

As well as continuing as the Greens' spokesperson on community safety and policing, and speaking for the group on Human Rights, I have a new job: group spokesperson on sport.

As soon as it convenes I'll sit as one of the council's representatives on the City Sports Forum.

Meanwhile I've hit the ground running - literally - and signed up to run the first Brighton Marathon, which takes place next April.

I’ve never run a marathon before, but I’m hoping running a route round a city I’m so familiar with will help me make it to the finish line!

Greens believe the council should be doing all it can to encourage and provide support for participation in many different sports across the city, and at all levels.

Getting involved in some kind of sport isn’t just great for improving fitness levels: team sports can also help foster a real sense of community, and getting fitter can really help improve people’s self esteem.

Greens believe schools should be aiming to provide a full, unbroken half day per week of sport for every child, in addition to daily opportunities for physical exercise.

Watch this space for regular updates on how my training's going!

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  1. Brighton and Hove Council are running a sports festival for the next couple of weeks for those who may not normally get involved in sport

    Take Part International Festival of Sport