Monday, 8 June 2009

A tale of two results?

Well, what a night.

For those of you who haven't seen the headline results of Thursday's election to the European Parliament, here goes:

* Labour faced near wipeout, losing three seats with national voteshare under 15%

* Racist and homophobic BNP pick up two seats, in the Yorkshire & Humberside and North-West England regions

* Greens hold two seats with a massively increased vote share: 11.6% in the South East (beating Labour, who received just 8.2%, into fifth place), and 9.2% nationally

* Across Europe, Greens and Leftwingers, as well as Tories, do well at the expense of centre-left parties

So all good.

And, as per my last post, the results here in Brighton and Hove were even better for the Greens: we were clear winners, polling about 34%. The Tories rustled up about 24% and Labour came a poor third with about 16% - less than half as many voted Labour as voted Green.

But though the same thing happened in Oxford and Norwich, where Greens topped the local poll, the results nationally weren't really as good.

The Greens had set themselves two measures of success: winning more seats, and keeping the BNP out. Though our vote share rose across the country, we didn't achieve either of these aims.

So there will be some lessons to learn (better targeting perhaps? We came so close in Eastern England, the North-West and the South-West - perhaps if we'd focused our efforts on just one of them we'd have won a seat? Discuss...)

But it's a tale of two results - and the news couldn't really be better here in Brighton Kemptown. A big thank you to everyone who voted Green - and helped by delivering leaflets, newspapers - or with telling on election day. We couldn't have done it without you!

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