Thursday, 25 June 2009

Time to stop US aid to Israel?

I know Israeli politics is a fraught arena, and one in which logic hardly has a central role to play.

But in recent days US President Barack Obama has had the courage to enter the maelstrom, and has placed his opposition to Israeli settlements on Palestinian land on record.

Such illegal settlements undermine the likelihood of bringing peace to the region - and constitute unlawful human rights breaches in their own right.

Meanwhile, the Israeli government has just given Obama the finger: not merely refusing to criticise further settlements but actively continuing to support - and fund them.

But Israel receives millions each year in direct aid from the US, some of it in the form of the weapons and military aid necessary to maintain its grip on power in the region.

So can't Obama put his money where his mouth is - and threaten to withdraw all aid to Israel unless it stops the settlements, pulls down its 'apartheid wall' and begins respecting all UN resolutions - and the human rights of its neighbours?

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